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School Consultancy Program

Starting a new school / Setting up a homeschool / Upgrading to a Montessori school

This session is designed to provide a knowledge of what Montessori is and how it may be implemented in an authentic model. We begin with what your vision is and how it aligns with Montessori practices. The session is divided into three categories that further map specific areas of knowledge, requirements and implementation. As part of the consultation, the environment, teachers and implementation are explored.

Montessori curriculum implementation


It consists of the authentic Montessori curriculum planning and recording sheet. This course is to be taken along-side opening or upgrading to a Montessori school or an in-house training session.

Who should attend

School owners, Principals

Head of Early Years, Lead Montessori Directress

Owners of Montessori cafe or learning centre

Homeschool parents

Program Details

Online meetings - 6 sessions

Parents workshop - 1 session

Includes administrative materials to start up a Montessori pre-school

Program Duration: 3 months program 

Intakes: January, April, July, October

Fee: 20,000bt per school

Training at Schools

In-house training at school


We do conduct in-house training at schools and/or language centers on Montessori and Phonics subject areas within South East Asia. This session equips teachers with the knowledge of how to work with the materials, understand the objectives behind and how to create materials based on Montessori concept according to the students' age group. 

Montessori Program: 2 days training / from 10,200bt per person or group rate for 15 teachers

Phonics Training: 2 days training / from 9,000bt per person or group rate for 15 teachers

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Private Training Session

Private training for parents, teachers or learning centers


The private Montessori or Phonics training courses can be conducted as a one-on-one session to suit your needs. It is suitable for parents who plan to homeschool their child, adults interested in opening a Montessori learning center in cafes or adults interested in teaching young kids the Montessori way in preschool setting. 

Consulting about your child / schooling / special needs education

This session is recommended for parents who are concerned about their child's academics, behavioural issues etc.  

Program Duration: 1-2 days depending on the course title 

Intakes: Please confirm training dates in advance

Fee: Online consultation 5,000bt/hour; Private training fee from 10,200bt

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montessori private training_edited.jpg

Online Training

Online training for schools


We have seen an increased number of schools from overseas requesting for online training to prepare their early years team for the Montessori method of teaching. This is a live session where you will see the presentations, interact with the trainer and ask any questions that you may have. The Montessori Training and School Consultancy program is covered within the three months.

New schools that are still recruiting teachers may start with the consultancy program followed by the Montessori training program at a later date. We are flexible with the time frame and will work with you to suit your schedule. 

Program Details

Online meetings - 6 sessions 

Training - 4 sessions (10hrs)

Parents workshop - 1 session (optional)

Includes administrative materials to start up a Montessori pre-school

Program Duration: 3 months program

Intakes: January, April, July, October

Fee: 39,000bt

Phonics Activity Workshop

PHONICS training for schools / homeschool parents


Includes Phonics for Beginners & Play-based Phonics. 


Training dates: 1-2 October 2022 / 9am-3pm / Bangkok

Program details, click here


We are a preschool and would like our early years teachers to be Montessori trained. What would you recommend?

We highly recommend schools to send at least three teachers to join the group classes organised in Bangkok. The Montessori Education Workshop (3-6y)  will equip teachers with the Montessori philosophy, knowledge of classroom set up and the usage and objectives of the Montessori learning materials. 

Our school has a budget for professional development. How can you help?

If you have a group of six or more teachers, contact us with your budget and we will try to work with you on this. If you are a group of 12-15 teachers, we recommend the in-house private training session. Please forward the school name & address, number of teachers that will join the training and the course title in the form below. 

I am not a teacher, can I join your workshop?

Of course! This workshop is open for anybody interested in the Montessori method of education. We have had parents, grandparents and nannies joining our sessions in the past. 

Do you visit schools for parents workshop?

Yes we do! This can be an online session or at school session. This is usually a 45min session based on the topic discussed with the school in advance. Please confirm dates in advance. 

Will we receive a certificate after completion of the course?

There will be a certificate of attendance given at the end of the Montessori Education Workshop to all attendees. For training at schools, all teachers will receive the certificate. 

What is the language used in the workshop?

All our course materials are in English. The trainer, Ms Ann Singhsachakul is fluent in both English and Thai languages. All our workshops are hands-on so you will be busy working with the materials. Schools that are sending in Thai teachers or parents sending in Thai nannies, do let us know when applying. 

When is the next training date in Bangkok?

The Montessori Education Workshop (3-6y) and Montessori for Toddlers dates are updated quarterly. Please check the dates above.

We are not in Thailand but in Myanmar / India / Laos and planning to open a Montessori kindergarten. What do you recommend?

Initially, we recommend you to join the school consultancy program so you have the big picture about the Montessori education & school set-up and opt to join one of our workshops conducted in Bangkok. If you have a group of six or more teachers, you may invite the trainer to your school to conduct in-house training or opt for the Online Training program. 

How do we contact you?

The best way to reach us is via the form here. Please fill in as much information as possible and we will get back to you at the earliest.  

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Our Services

Hands-on workshop for parents and teachers.

Date: 30 Sept - 1 Oct 2023

Play-based Phonics

Montessori Phonics

Jolly Phonics

Private training for schools or homeschool parents. Consultancy program.

Printable Montessori materials for use in classrooms. Downloadable pdf.

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