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Montessori for Babies & Infants (0-17m)

Montessori from the start!

Course Outline

Preparation of the environment

Activity ideas

Child development for each stage of development

Materials recommendation 

After attending the online class, you will

  • be able to set up the key area of the environment

  • be able to offer activities as per his/her developmental needs

  • understand the child development for this age group

  • experience your child’s miraculous growth with awareness and joy


Who should attend

Parents of children from newborns up to 17 months

Adults working with babies in daycare/nurseries

Days & Time

Mondays / 7:00 - 9:20pm Bkk Time

2.20 hours 

Course Intakes

Contact us for private session 

Course Fee

1,490bt per person LIVE via Zoom

2,500bt for group of two

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Montessori for Toddlers 18m-3y

During the first 3 years of life, the child’s brain develops more rapidly than at any other time, and more learning takes place than at any other stage of development. During this phase, your child absorbs large amounts of information from the environment through observation and experiences. These are the years that lay the foundation for later learning—and the stronger the foundation, the more the child will be able to build upon it.


The Montessori for Toddlers workshop is designed to provide you with knowledge and activities that foster your child’s cognitive development, speech and language development, strengthen fine motor and gross motor skills, introduce grace and courtesy lessons, and promote independence.


Course Outline

Setting up the prepared environment

Positive discipline

Material demonstration (DIY)

Food Prep activities

Creating lesson plans

After the workshop, you will

  • have a deeper understanding of your child’s cycles of development

  • be able to offer him/her the right tools or activities at the right time

  • be able to fulfill his development needs

  • avoid unknowingly disrupting your child in the midst of spontaneous learning

  • experience your child’s miraculous growth with awareness and joy.


Who should attend

Parents of children 0-3 years

Nursery / Toddlers teachers

Training date:  TBC

Course fee: TBC

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Montessori Education Workshop 3-6y

A practical, hands-on workshop for parents or teachers interested in understanding how Montessori education is taught at school and how you can extend this to the home environment. This is a two-day programme.


Day 1

1. Introduction to Montessori Education

2. The five areas of Montessori curriculum

3. Setting up a Montessori environment at home & at school

4. Montessori materials demonstration and work cycle session (3-6Yrs)


Day 2

1. Work Cycle presentations continued

2. Montessori 24/7 DIY activities

3. More complex Maths and Science subject areas

4. Curriculum planning and student evaluation


Participants will

• Develop a deeper understanding of the Montessori philosophy

• Learn how to set up a Montessori inspired classroom and work area

• Explore and work with the Montessori materials

• Expand their knowledge on how the student evaluation is performed in a Montessori classroom


Who should attend

• Parents with children of ages 0-6years old / grandparents / nannies

• Early years teachers / principals / academic director

• Special needs educators

• Participants who require practical session after completing a Montessori online course

Training dates: TBC

Course fee: TBC

Apply here


The Montessori Education Workshop 3-6y is a continuing professional development course offered by Montessori Elements. The course is practical, applicable, affordable and enjoyable. It helps educators to keep their professional knowledge and skills updated. 

Our Services

Hands-on workshop for parents and teachers.

Play-based Phonics

Montessori Phonics

Jolly Phonics

Private training for schools or homeschool parents. Consultancy program.

Printable Montessori materials for use in classrooms. Downloadable pdf.


Ms. Ann Singhsachakul has more than 14 years of experiences in the education industry. Her teaching career began by being a piano teacher and an English instructor.


Blessed with a golden opportunity to work at an International Montessori kindergarten, she fell in love with the Montessori Method of Teaching.


She continues to spread the Montessori philosophy so that more children and families can benefit from the Montessori approach to human development.


She is fluent in English and Thai languages.


Ann has worked extensively in a variety of Montessori settings: day care, pre-school and Montessori in the home. 

Moreover, she has also enjoyed working in a play-based school following the EYFS curriculum and have experiences in a reggio-emilia classroom setting. 

She currently conducts teacher training workshops for parents and teachers within South East Asia with a specialization in early childhood and Montessori Method of Education.

  • Graduate School of Education, Harvard University

  • Diploma in Montessori Education

  • Assistance to Infancy Training 0-3y

  • Jolly Phonics Training

  • Reggio Inspired Pedagogy

  • Masters of Marketing, Australia

  • Degree in Solo Piano, Trinity 


Robbie, Teacher

The Montessori and Phonics workshops were so helpful and inspiring and as a result of this I finally had the courage to pursue a job in a school that uses Montessori techniques. Ms Ann was incredibly kind and made time for extra questions and advice. Thank you again!

Lee, Teacher

The Montessori Workshop was dynamic, professiaonally facilitated and provided a well-rounded practical experience in the Montessori method. There was a good range of activities and opportunity to have a hands on experience with the Montessori equipment, as well as ample opportunity to network. Well recommended.

Vimonnan, Parent

I like Phonics Private class with Kru Ann. It's great! Get concept. Get ideas. And get READY to teach my son. Kru Ann is kind and she has a lot of creativity to attract children. Wonderful.

Interested in Workshops at School? Contact us.

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Please forward name of school & address, workshop title interested, number of teachers and proposed dates. If you have budget, do let us know and we will work with you.


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