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Phonics for beginners

Phonics is an approach to teaching children how to say and blend letters and sounds to make words. It's the first step in your child becoming a reader. This is a starter course for parents / teachers interested in teaching Phonics to children 2-8 years old. 

ขอเชิญชวนผู้ปกครอง คุณครูและผู้สนใจทุกท่านเข้าร่วมคอร์สพื้นฐานการออกเสียงโฟนิกส์ 

Course Outline

Learn the 44 sounds of the Phonetic system

Explore steps in learning & teaching sounds

Building phonetic words & sentences

Advance Phonics teaching 

Who should attend

Parents with children 2-8y

Early years teachers

Adults interested in Phonics subject areas

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Montessori Phonics

Montessori Method of teaching Language follows the Phonetics approach. It consists of the Pink Scheme, Blue Scheme and the Green Scheme. When implementing Phonics in the Montessori classroom, the first thing to consider is the child. The child must be sound conscious, meaning that the child is aware that words are made up of individual sounds and able to discern those sounds. 


In line with Montessori's approach of always finding links between the brain and the hands, her belief was that before the child starts to read, he or she should learn to write! In this course, we will be introducing various Montessori Phonics materials to support the child in writing and reading and associating the sounds to the alphabets.

ขอเชิญชวนผู้ปกครอง คุณครูและผู้สนใจทุกท่านเข้าร่วมคอร์สมอนเตสซอรี่โฟนิกส์ หลักสูตรนี้เน้นวิธีการใช้สื่ออุปกรณ์การสอนแนวมอนเตสซอรี่เพื่อสอนโฟนิกส์ให้เด็กๆ ตั้งแต่อายุ สองขวบขึ้นไป

Course Outline

Sandpaper alphabets tracing

Word building using Moveable alphabets

Explore the Pink, Blue and Green Scheme

Material making​

Who should attend

Parents with children 2-8 years old

Early years teachers

Adults interested in Phonics subject areas

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Phonics Activity Workshop

Phonics Activity Workshop is an intensive and interactive workshop for parents or teachers who wants to ensure all their children develop a life-long love of reading and writing using the phonetic play-based approach. It covers literacy development of children from 3-10 years of age.


The workshop explores the letter sounds by linking all the activities in the environment that captures interest in the young child. Sensorial impressions and learning through the five senses are highly encouraged and utilized to enhance their positive learning experience and early preparation of effective reading and writing.


The play-based learning strategy will support educators who only focus on teaching letter sounds correctly to equip them with a more active and creative approach in presenting the lessons in a fun and engaged way to children at appropriate age groups.

Course Outline

Introduction to letter sounds

Word blending, Word families

Sight Words, Diagraphs


Different approaches in teaching phonics


Participants will

Develop ways of introducing letter sounds in a fun and engaged way

Understand different approaches in teaching phonics

Be guided in choosing appropriate materials to suit the children’s needs

Learn various activities to facilitate reading and writing


Who should attend

Parents with children 2-10 years of age

Early years teachers / primary level teachers

ESL teachers

Training dates: March 27-28, 2021 / 9am-3pm / Bkk

Course fee: 9,000bt

Early bird special: 7,600bt by March 5, 2021 

Certificate: Yes

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The Montessori Education Workshop 3-6y is a continuing professional development course accredited by CPD, Uk. The accreditation provides assurance that our materials and the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

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